Date Published: June 29, 2020
As we continue our preparations for different scenarios in returning to school, we need to be purposeful when planning for adaptations to our use of practices or innovations. Read the June 2020 SISEP eNote to learn more about how to plan for purposeful adaptations of practices or innovations.
Date Published: May 29, 2020
The evolving situation with the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to develop new ways of learning and being together in our communities. Capacity assessments need to be thoughtfully planned for virtual implementation. SISEPs colleagues in partner states have been doing just that, and their tips for virtual administration of capacity assessments are shared in the May 2020 SISEP eNote.
Date Published: April 13, 2020
The novel Coronavirus has provided extensive challenges that have led the global education community to explore new ways of teaching, learning and engaging students and families. As we lean into this new way of work, it is important to apply the concepts of implementation science. When selecting online learning practices, start with guidance from your state and local education agencies, then consider the questions outlined in this eNote, based on the Hexagon Tool.
Date Published: February 27, 2020
District Implementation Teams are responsible for creating readiness for and managing systemic change with district executive leaders, governing boards, school implementation teams, and staff. To do so effectively, the district implementation team establishes reliable and enduring indicators of progress. Read the February 2020 SISEP eNote to learn more about district readiness.
Date Published: December 13, 2019
Leadership behaviors are visible – leaders at every level of the system are actively engaged in developing and using strategies that facilitate and support use of the effective innovation, and that make the work of educators easier. Read the December 2019 SISEP eNote to learn more about Leadership and the role of leaders in supporting implementation.
Date Published: November 5, 2019
To reach socially significant outcomes for students, it is critical to use implementation capacity data and fidelity data to guide planning and continuous improvement of implementation efforts. Read the November 2019 SISEP eNote to learn more about these two types of data and how they are used!
Date Published: September 26, 2019
Have you ever led or been a member of a team that is just not working? Read the September 2019 SISEP eNote to learn more about effective teaming!
Date Published: August 28, 2019
How can we use data to evaluate coaching effectiveness and continuously improve coaching supports? Read the August 2019 SISEP eNote to learn more.
Date Published: January 30, 2019
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