Using the science and practice of implementation to strengthen equity in our education systems, support our educators, and improve outcomes for children, families, and communities.

Our Goals

To support implementation of instructional and leadership practices that lead to improved outcomes for students with disabilities, the SISEP center will…

Increase Capacity of selected State Education Agencies (SEAs), Education Service Agencies (ESAs), Local Education Agencies (LEAs), and Charter Management Organizations (CMOs)
Increase Capacity of OSEP-funded TA centers' systemic change efforts
Increase knowledge, skills, and competencies of LEA superintendents and other leaders
Increase body of knowledge on developing an infrastructure

Implementation for Educators Blog

January 7, 2022

It is January, and you know what that means. Bring on the resolutions, goal setting, vision boards, and self-improvement apps. Who doesn’t love a fresh start or the idea of improving? 

However,... Read more

Implementation Science for Educators Podcast

Tip 21: Field Experience with Linked Teams

December 9, 2021
Guest:  Elizabeth Newell, State Transformation Assistant Administrator - Michigan Department of Education


This week we are sharing an interview with Elizabeth Newell, State Transformation Assistant Administrator with the Michigan Department of Education.  Liz provides detailed examples of how linked teams have benefited the implementation work of the department.  She also shares external and internal challenges and successes of teaming structures.