Using the science and practice of implementation to strengthen equity in our education systems, support our educators, and improve outcomes for children, families, and communities.

Our Goals

To support implementation of instructional and leadership practices that lead to improved outcomes for students with disabilities, the SISEP center will…

Increase Capacity of selected State Education Agencies (SEAs), Education Service Agencies (ESAs), Local Education Agencies (LEAs), and Charter Management Organizations (CMOs)
Increase Capacity of OSEP-funded TA centers' systemic change efforts
Increase knowledge, skills, and competencies of LEA superintendents and other leaders
Increase body of knowledge on developing an infrastructure

Implementation for Educators Blog

November 10, 2023

Why is it important to focus on implementation practices for scaling?

Have you ever been involved in implementing an intervention that has been supported with implementation practices to reach fidelity, with the team thinking that you are all set to... Read more

SISEP YouTube Channel Highlight

Webinar Recording: Implementation Supports in Education

October 2023
On Wednesday, October 4th, 2023, the SISEP Center hosted a free webinar on the current state of implementation supports in education. Sophia Farmer, Co-director of SISEP, facilitated a conversation with our guests from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and the University of Washington SMART Center. What an amazing hour filled with stories and relatable experiences with implementation!