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White Papers

Want more than a brief? SISEP also creates white papers to illustrate implementation work through case studies and other data stories. Check out our different white papers here.

Capacity Assessments

Have you ever been part of an organization that was about to start using a new practice, or part of a team trying to figure out why the results of using a practice weren’t as expected? It can be hard to know where to start—difficult to figure out where to focus your efforts. A capacity assessment is the tool you need to show you what is working and where to find your opportunities for improvement. For leaders and teams, reliable and valid measures of implementation capacity are essential for 1) planning, 2) supporting, and 3) evaluating the use of effective innovations in complex education systems.

Data gathered from these assessments provide a wealth of information that can be used to support the dynamic bi-directional relationships in the cascade between the state, region, district, building, and classroom. Select an assessment below:

Building Implementation Team:
Drivers Best Practices Assessment (DBPA)

District Implementation Team:
District Capacity Assessment (DCA)

Regional Implementation Team:
Regional Capacity Assessment (RCA)

State Implementation Team:
State Capacity Assessment (SCA)

To learn how to administer and use a capacity assessment, check out our Capacity Assessment Administration Training Course.  To gain access to the online NIRN-SISEP data system for ease of data collection and reporting, it is recommended that participants first complete this course.