Technical Assistance

Our Process

SISEP uses a differentiated three-tiered approach to support states in developing an infrastructure for the implementation and scaling of evidence-based practices to improve outcomes for all students, especially for students with disabilities.

With the use of Implementation and Improvement Science practices and development of Implementation Specialist Core Competencies, SISEP:

  • Centers Equity
  • Ensures usability of EBPs
  • Establishes linked teaming structures to form networks of educators and leaders
  • Employs a “stage-based approach” to develop readiness and growth mindsets
  • Analyzes data for continuous improvement through Plan Do Study Act cycles
  • Co-designs and uses implementation supports within an aligned and coherent infrastructure
  • Disseminates and advances learning in this field

The SISEP Center uses the science and practice of implementation and improvement sciences within our Technical Assistance (TA) activities to ensure sufficient attention is given to stabilization, sustainability, scaling, and efficiency.

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Universal TA

AI Hub development and dissemination activities

Targeted TA

Professional learning communities of practice, coaching, and TA

Intensive TA

Capacity and infrastructure development


Workforce development

Program and Implementation Outcomes

Increased equitable outcomes for students with disabilities and their families and caregivers

Implementation and improvement practices are a lever for systemic change to support equitable outcomes for students with disabilities

Universal TA

SISEP provides universal, general TA to all interested leaders, educators, and OSEP TA providers through disseminating its products and services, informed by the learnings gained through intensive and targeted TA efforts. Our Active Implementation Hub is our publicly available online learning platform to support learning and using tools and resources.

Request Support

SISEP provides technical assistance to state education agencies, their local agencies, and OSEP TA Providers. An exploration process determines the mutual fit of shared goals, readiness, resource allocation, and other factors. Information on our different services and supports is provided below. To request support or more information, please email

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Targeted TA

The purpose of the SISEP communities of practice is to build deep networks of education personnel to share implementation knowledge, strategies, and resources. The aim is to facilitate a more coherent approach to transforming educational systems characterized by aligned implementation planning, cultivating collaborative cultures, deepening learning through pedagogical partnerships, and accountability for outcomes for students with disabilities.

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Intensive TA

SISEP works intensively with a small number of states to develop the State Education Agency’s (SEA’s) knowledge and skills in the use of implementation science to improve their implementation infrastructure for use of effective education practices. To ensure attention to local need and context, SISEP co-develops a plan for implementation capacity development with each SEA and their identified local partners around an identified need. Our intensive TA includes an identified SISEP State Liaison who provides regularly scheduled onsite professional learning and coaching, and virtual support for team development and implementation capacity efforts. In addition, our intensive TA partners participate in our annual Active States Forum for shared learning and networking around high leverage implementation problems.

Our Current Active State Partners

Click on each state to learn more about our current active state partners:


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Micro-Credentialing TA

To facilitate the development of competencies and skills within an implementation workforce, the Center will offer a micro-credentialing program. The basis of the micro-credentialing program is the competencies outlined within the Implementation Support Practitioner Practice Profile (ISP Profile) developed by NIRN and its collaborators (Metz et al., 2020)

Application Process

The application window for the micro-credentialing program varies. Please visit the online platform for continuous updates or email for more information.

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