Technical Assistance

Our Process

SISEP uses a differentiated three-tiered approach to support states in developing an infrastructure for the implementation and scaling of evidence-based practices to improve outcomes for all students, especially for students with disabilities. The SISEP Center uses the science and practice of implementation and improvement sciences within our Technical Assistance (TA) activities to ensure sufficient attention is given to stabilization, sustainability, scaling, and efficiency. Specifically, our TA approach is based on the Active Implementation Frameworks and the following principles:

  • Systems are central focus of support for effective use of practices
  • Practices selected based on local need and fit
  • Aligns initiative and leverages resources to meet coherent goals
  • Iterative cycles of data guide improvement
  • Uses bi-directional feedback loops
  • Follows a stage-based approach to change

Diagram indicating the steps of a stage-based approach

Request TA

The SISEP Center provides intensive technical assistance to a small number of state education agencies and targeted assistance in the form of communities of practice for Institutes of Higher Education, Educational Leadership programs (state and doctoral), and State Education Agencies interested in engaging in exploration. To find out more about the SISEP communities of practice or to request information about the TA support that SISEP’s parent organization, the National Implementation Research Network, can offer and to explore possible partnership with NIRN, please complete this form:

Our TA Work

Intensive TA

SISEP works intensively with a small number of states to develop the State Education Agency’s (SEA's) knowledge and skills in the use of implementation science to improve their implementation infrastructure for use of effective education practices. To ensure attention to local need and context, SISEP co-develops a plan for implementation capacity development with each SEA and their identified local partners around an identified need. Our intensive TA includes an identified SISEP State Liaison who provides regularly scheduled onsite professional learning and coaching, and virtual support for team development and implementation capacity efforts. In addition, our intensive TA partners participate in our annual Active States Forum for shared learning and networking around high leverage implementation problems.

Our Current Active State Partners

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 Michigan  Colorado  Minnesota  Kentucky


Targeted TA

Implementation Specialist Micro-Credentialing

To facilitate the development of competencies and skills within an implementation workforce, the SISEP Center is offering a micro-credentialing program. The basis of the micro-credentialing program is the Active Implementation Frameworks paired with the competencies outlined within the Implementation Support Practitioner Practice Profile(ISP Profile) developed by NIRN and its collaborators (Metz et al., 2020). 


Charter Management Organizations

In collaboration with the National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools (NCSECS), SISEP is partnering with a Charter Management Organization (CMO) to cultivate CMO leaders’ knowledge and skills in the use of implementation and improvement sciences. Through the partnership, SISEP provides targeted professional learning and technical assistance for the CMO team to support implementation and fidelity in the use of evidence-based practices for students with disabilities. As we engage in learning with our partners, we will identify unique aspects of applying active implementation to the use of evidence-based practices in CMOs.

OSEP TA Providers

SISEP supports other federally funded TA centers in their use of implementation and improvement science practices through provision of professional learning and consultation activities. Additionally, we have a strategic partnership with the National Center for Systemic Improvement (NCSI), the CEEDAR Center, and the Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (ECTA). To support State Education Agencies (SEAs) in achieving their articulated outcomes, we are collaborating to integrate and leverage our TA services within a shared SEA. As we engage in this collaboration, learnings will be identified to improve efficiencies in delivery of services and products.

State Education Agencies & Capacity Assessment Support

Based upon request, SISEP provides short-term professional learning and consultation activities to support an SEA’s implementation capacity development efforts. In addition, we provide training and coaching support in use of our capacity assessments (i.e., State Capacity Assessment, Regional Capacity Assessment, District Capacity Assessment, and Drivers Best Practices Assessment). An interactive online training course is available for educators and leaders on how to administer and use the different capacity assessments. In addition, SISEP will conduct State Capacity Assessments with state leadership teams upon request.

Universal TA

SISEP provides universal, general TA to all interested leaders, educators, and OSEP TA providers through dissemination of its products and services informed by learnings gained through intensive and targeted TA efforts. Our Active Implementation Hub is our publicly available online learning platform to support learning and use of tools and resources.

Our Reach

The data visualization below shows data for intensive Technical Assistance (TA). Hover your mouse over the data visualization and use the arrows that appear in the bottom left corner to navigate to pages 2 and 3 of the data visualization in order to view targeted TA and universal TA data.