SISEP eNotes, November 2012

Date Published: 2012-11-29

  SISEP eNotes

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   State Implementation & Scaling-up of Evidence-Based Practices Project

November 2012

Understanding Where You Are

An important part of determining next steps for a school, district or state, and for then selecting the best program to achieve those goals, is having a clear understanding of current programs, mandates, and resource commitments.  Consider some of these questions:

  • What initiatives or programs are currently being implemented? Do they complement one another? Do they conflict with one another?
  • What are the expected outcomes of these initiatives? Are we achieving those outcomes? How do we know?
  • What are the identified target populations for each initiative? Is there data showing impact? Outcomes?
  • Are there sufficient resources (staff, time, materials, funding) to support implementing each initiative to fidelity?
  • Are there sufficient resources for the new initiative we are considering? If not, what can we eliminate that is not achieving expected outcomes? What resources can we reallocate?

The District Initiative Inventory can help guide your team’s review of past and current programs, using these and other questions.

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