State Implementation & Scaling-up of Evidence-based Practices Center

Tools and Resources

SISEP Cohort 3 State Selection Information

This page provides a quick reference guide for SEA leaders who are considering a partnership with the SISEP Center.

The Active Implementation Hub

Free online training, workgroups, evaluation & planning tools for you and your team.

SISEP Assessment

A web-based app to assist state departments of education, and local school districts to improve their capacity to implement evidence-based practices

SISEP FactSheet

A one-pager describing the SISEP Center.

Additional Resources

Briefs and presentations from the SISEP Center.

Our Approach

How can we take these good ideas that work in some places, and get them to work in all places… so all children in all schools would have access? Listen to Dean Fixsen and Karen Blase discuss active implementation and scaling up. [running time 4 min. 50 sec.]