SISEP eNotes: June 2016

Date Published: 2016-06-28



SISEP eNotes

Notes, News and Discussion from the
State Implementation & Scaling-up of Evidence-Based Practices Project

June, 2016

In this issue:

-Action Planning from Capacity Assessments-How Do You Use Your Data?
-New Update on Practice Profile Lesson Available

Action Planning from Capacity Assessments
How Do You Use Your Data?

Data are only useful if you use them! SISEP’s capacity assessments are designed as “action assessments.” Capacity assessments help an organization identify both strengths and gaps in their use of key components of implementation capacity. Information derived from these assessments is used to guide the development of action plans.

Action plans are developed based on prioritizing identified gaps, assigning capacity development tasks to individuals or teams, and establishing both initiation and completion timelines. Repeated use of capacity assessments helps an organization monitor progress over time. The goal is to improve implementation capacity that leads to support of effective practices.

Use the links below to learn more about implementation capacity assessments and action planning.

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New Update on Practice Profile Lesson Available

Practice profiles enable a program to be teachable, learnable, and doable in typical human service settings. In this newly updated two-part lesson on Developing Practice Profiles, we start with an overview of practice profiles, including their purpose, benefits, and criteria.  In part two, we jump into making practice profiles happen. We outline the development process, as well as steps in facilitating their design with your team.

View Lesson 3: Practice Profiles >>

Free 24/7 Implementation Training for You and Your Team

SISEP’s “Active Implementation Hub” is a free, online learning environment for use by any stakeholder — practitioners, educators, coaches, trainers, purveyors — involved in active implementation and scaling up of programs and innovations.

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