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Date Published: 2016-12-21



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December, 2016


Send me in, Coach!

Even the very best training has limited impact on staff performance. It is only when training is accompanied by coaching that there is substantial use of new skills in practice settings.

Coaching ensures programs and practices are provided as intended. If students are to benefit from new programs or practice, the staff who support them must have coaching support.


Critical Functions

Coaching has several critical functions. Coaching ensures that:

  1. new skills are used in practice
  2. support for staff
  3. fidelity is achieved

Coaching is a necessary component for promoting teacher confidence and ensuring competence. It provides regular, embedded professional development designed to help teachers and staff use the program or practice as intended. How do you make it happen?


Making it Happen

  1. Ensure that someone is accountable for coaching the staff who carry out the new program or practice
  2. Provide frequent coaching to improve the competency of staff
  3. Base coaches’ feedback on multiple sources of information
  4. Create and use a Coaching Plan
  5. Use coaching data to target competency development and improve implementation supports

Questions to get your team going

  • Does your organization provide coaching?
  • If so, is there someone accountable to make sure coaching is delivered as it was designed in your Coaching Plan?
  • How do you know coaching is improving practice?

Get Started

  • AiHub Drivers Ed: Coaching
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  • AiHub Module: Coaching Driver
    This section of Module 2 Implementation Drivers offers a quick overiew of coaching along with 3 related activities for you and your team.

Get Better

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