SISEP eNotes: August 2016

Date Published: 2016-08-29



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August, 2016

Sustainability: Starting with the End In Mind

Last month we shared a Stage-based planning tool and process. In this issue, we talk about sustainability. Intentionally planning for sustainability is a vital component of each stage-based plan.

As you plan the implementation of a new program or practice, you will note that the concepts of scaling and sustaining are closely related. As your organization develops new systems or practices, it’s important to consider the ability to extend those systems across the organization. That is key to sustainability. You want to ensure that the program is done well in one classroom, school or district — then in many (scale). At the same time, you want this new work to be part of your normal practice across time — to continue to benefit all students (sustain).

Here are a few key questions on sustainability for your implementation team to consider:

  • What is the gap between what resources are needed now, and what will be needed as we scale up across our district or state?
  • Can the organizational process or structure we’re designing now be applied to every program or initiative in the district?  If not, what changes can we make now to support all of the work we do rather than create silos?
  • What questions will we need to answer to ensure that implementation is happening as planned?
  • What policies, procedures or processes need to be developed or revised?
  • What systems alignment issues will need to be addressed to facilitate implementation?
  • Has leadership demonstrated commitment to this new way of work?

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