Scaling-Up Tools and Resources

The SISEP Center produces a variety of tools and resources for implementation, scaling, and system reinvention work, as well as delivers online and off-line coaching, teaching and learning.  Here is a list of currently available tools and resources.  For questions and comments, contact us at:

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SISEP Fact Sheet

Scaling Up Briefs

  1. Scaling Up Evidence-Based Practices in Education
  2. Intensive Technical Assistance
  3. Readiness For Change
  4. Exploration Stage
  5. Leveraging Change in State Education Systems
  6. Cascading Logic Model

Implementation Capacity Assessments

Click here to read an introduction and overview of NIRN/SISEP implementation capacity assessments

Planning Tool Quick Links

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Free Training Resources
for You and Your Team

SISEP's new "Active Implementation Hub" is a free, online learning environment for use by any stakeholder — practitioners, educators, coaches, trainers, purveyors — involved in active implementation and scaling up of programs and innovations. The site goal is to increase the knowledge and improve the performance of persons engaged in actively implementing any program or practice.

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