SISEP eNotes: September 2016

Date Published: 2016-09-30



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September, 2016


Stage-based Planning: Implementation Drivers

In July, we shared a Stage-based planning tool and process. Last month, we discussed planning for sustainability in a stage-based plan. This month, we’ll discuss the use of implementation drivers across stages.

Implementation drivers serve to support, establish, and maintain successful implementation of evidence-based practices. In short, drivers address needs. For example, drivers ask us to identify competencies for successful implementation.  Drivers also direct us to organizational characteristics to ensure that supports and data are accessible, guide continuous improvement, and address challenges and barriers that may arise. Depending on which implementation stage you are in, the work of the implementation drivers is different.  To illustrate the process, some considerations around Coaching, one of the Competency Drivers, are shared below.




  • What kind of coaching (complexity, numbers) will the innovation require?
  • What resources will we need to provide to establish a coaching system to accommodate the needs of the district?
  • Are those resources readily available or will we have to find a way to provide them? Can we?


  • Do we have a position description of what the coach will need to know and be able to do?
  • What criteria will we use to select coaches?
  • What training will we offer to build coaching skills?
  • How will we “coach” the coaches?
  • How will we get data to inform coaches about specific needs of staff to target in their coaching?
  • Have we trained our coaches yet?

Initial Implementation

  • Using the feedback methods we determined, what are we learning about what additional support coaches may need?
  • How will we continue to support coaches based on information from our established “improvement cycles”
  • When and how will we use the coaches for expanding the reach of the initiative?

Full Implementation

  • How will coaches support the continued future practice of these skills once learned
  • Does the coaching continue to be effective?
  • What do the data on coaching tell you to do next?

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