SISEP eNotes: May 2016

Date Published: 2016-05-24



SISEP eNotes

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May, 2016

Implementation Capacity Assessments


How do you know if you have the right supports in place for a program or practice? What kinds of information might help you drive ongoing program improvements and supports?  Implementation Capacity Assessments help us answer these questions and more.

Implementation Capacity Assessments help implementation teams evaluate and plan for program supports at each level of the education system. They provide early information about the status of your system.  Used over time, they provide a road map for adopting and sustaining practices. The goal of Implementation Capacity Assessments is to improve team functioning, implementation supports, and use of practices as intended — so that students benefit directly from the practices.

With design input from educational systems around the country, the SISEP Center continues to develop a full set of Implementation Capacity Assessments.  With funding support from Office of Special Education Programs, the “District Capacity Assessment” is available online nationally.  You can learn more about Implementation Capacity Assessments, as well as access District Capacity Assessment information via the links below.

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