SISEP eNotes: May 2014

Date Published: 2014-05-22


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May 2014

Spring Forward with the Hexagon Planning Tool

The Hexagon Tool helps states, districts, and schools systematically evaluate new and existing interventions via six broad factors

It’s finally spring — when thoughts of State and District Education Leaders turn to planning for the coming school year! This is the time to look at your district and state needs, and to use that information to select effective programs and plan for their implementation.

Selecting The Right Programs

A vital step in effective implementation is selecting a practice or program that meets the needs of your school, district or state.  This selection process can benefit from reviewing six broad factors of the program or practice under consideration:

  • Need: Consider what your current data suggest is the most critical or pivotal need, and whether the practice fits your current social and political context
  • Resource Availability: Take into account the program’s costs - including time, funding, and materials, as well as training, coaching, and data infrastructure requirements.
  • Evidence: Consider the supporting research or evidence of the program or practice you are reviewing, including effect size, similarity to your population or community, outcomes achieved, and sustainability of those outcomes.
  • Readiness for Replication: Look at the degree to which the program is “education ready,” including whether critical components are well-defined, how well it has been operationalized, the number of times it has been replicated, and the availability of technical assistance and coaching.
  • Capacity to Implement: Consider how to develop collaboration and co-ownership of the work among the staff and community, as well as what will be needed to prepare for the implementation of the new practice of process.

SISEP’s Hexagon Tool can help guide your team’s review and selection of a practice or program using these and other questions.

Download The Hexagon Tool

View Lesson 1: The Hexagon Tool
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