SISEP eNotes, January 2013

Date Published: 2013-01-18

  SISEP eNotes

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January 2013

How Well Do You Know Your Program?

Quick – name the core components of the program you are implementing. Can you? Can everyone who’s involved in using the program identify the core components?

A well-defined program is essential to achieving the desired outcomes for students. The ability to use a program with fidelity, and to replicate that program across multiple sites, is predicated on a clear understanding of the core components of a program.

Practice Profiles identify the core components of a program, and describe the key activities that are associated with each core component. Based on Hall and Hord’s (2006) “Innovation Configurations,” Practice Profiles operationalize each core component of a practice or program on a developmental continuum.  Operationalizing each core component through the development of Practice Profiles facilitates the development of a program that is teachable, learnable, and doable; and promotes consistency across teachers and schools. This clear definition of the program allows it to be used with fidelity across multiple classrooms, schools and districts.

The Practice Profile tool can help to guide your team’s creation of a Practice Profile for your program.  For a full size version of this tool and detailed guidance on the development of a Practice Profile, click below.

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