SISEP eNotes: April 29, 2016

Date Published: 2016-04-28



SISEP eNotes

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April, 2016

Capacity “Building” Takes Time


Design and Implementation Teams are the Architects, Builders and Inspectors of Evidence Based Practices

When an architect designs and a builder builds a house with families, together they navigate a complex process.

This includes:

  • Assembling a construction crew and ensuring they have the qualifications for the work
  • Exploring options and supporting the family in selecting the type of home that best fits their needs and available resources
  • Creating blueprints that specifically detail how the home will be constructed and determine how the construction process will be monitored
  • Installing the foundation, framing, roofing, wiring, heating and ventilation
  • Conducting inspections along each stage of the construction process to be certain all parts of the home are being built according to specifications
  • Maintaining ongoing communication with the family, the crew and the other entities involved to be certain progress can steadily move forward and that it continues to meet the needs and approval of the family
  • Turning over the keys and operation manuals to the family and be sure they understand how to maintain their new home

Systems capacity “building” to support evidence-based practices is also a complex endeavor — with very similar steps.

There must be:

  • Design and implementation teams to do the work
  • Consensus around a clear vision of what practices are needed, and measures to determine whether they are usable
  • Careful attention to each stage of the process
  • Identifying and installing foundational drivers — the leadership, competency and organizational supports needed to shore up and drive the new work
  • Means of determining if fidelity is achieved — if what is built meets the original specifications;
  • Developing and maintaining communication protocols to keep teams, leaders, practitioners and stakeholders “in the loop”
  • Leaving behind of the keys to sustaining the work over time

Allow for time to “build” capacity that lasts!


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