SISEP eNotes: April 2014

Date Published: 2014-04-30


SISEP eNotes

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State Implementation & Scaling-up of Evidence-Based Practices Project

April 2014

Every staff transition is an opportunity!

When we look at staffing, one thing is certain—change is a constant.  Staff will be promoted, move to new locations, or retire.  Every transition creates a burden for the organization AND it creates opportunity.  Staff transition is an opportunity to improve the Selection Driver and build implementation capacity within the organization.   Here is a set of resources to assist you in staff selection in your school, district, or state level department.

Implementation Staff Selection Checklist

By now you most likely know what the pre-requisites are in terms of knowledge, skills, and abilities for new positions.  You may also have learned something about who “fits” well at your school, district, or state level department.  Still, building up your implementation capacity takes intentional and integrated planning.  This handout assists you in thinking through a mutual selection process and includes implementation-specific factors to look for during staff selection.

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Implementation Drivers: Assessing Best Practices

For a more complete checklist of selection best practices see the “COMPETENCY DRIVER ‐ Recruitment and Selection of Staff” section in Implementation Drivers: Assessing Best Practices planning tool.

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Selecting Staff for Active Implementation

This short, 4-minute video features Karen Blase speaking about two processes that are helpful when using an ‘implementation lens’ as you interview and select new staff: scenarios and coaching.

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Competency Drivers

This section of AI Module 2: Implementation Drivers focus on aspects of selection, training, coaching and performance assessment. Competency Drivers are the activities to develop, improve, and sustain educator and administrator ability to put programs and innovations into practice, so students benefit.

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